Entrepreneurship and Gamification

People play games. People love to play games. We have been playing ever since we were kids and no matter how old we are we will continue to love playing games. It is a matter of psychology.

Studies have shown that people connect games with fun and when there is a learning process in them as well, they tend to love them even more. Nowadays games have changed for younger and older people. However, the original purpose remains the same. To educate and help improve current skills and competencies.

Using gaming as an improvement or educational method has proven to be very effective in multiple different fields. As a result, gamification is rather often used the world of business to teach, educate and help improve the skills and competencies of workers in various positions.

Entrepreneurship needs the mastering of innovative skills to help young people succeed in the world of business. According to the 10.000 Hour Rule, developed through innovative research, it takes someone about 10.000 hours to master a skill. Now with young people spending more than that amount gaming, any skill that they might have used, has already been mastered.

And that is without them knowing about it. Gaming is a very fun and very innovative way to spend time. And this is what entrepreneurship is all about. It is about managing innovative ideas and creating businesses that will appeal to younger generations, will use new methods to solve problems and will help people develop and master skills and competencies to the maximum of their abilities.

This is why by using gaming and gamification methods in entrepreneurship is so effective. Because we are using an innovative method to help improve the qualities of innovative people.

Now, these methods are, of course, approved and are already being implemented all around the world. In Europe, European projects like for example the GEM project are able to create an innovative environment using gamification methods to manage and improve education and to make sure that they will be able to bring more people closer to the entrepreneurial world by helping them improve their current skills and competencies.

If you want more information on innovative gamification project for innovation and learning take some time to looks the GEM project’s official website. You will be able to find all the information you need there and learn exactly how gamification can help you improve and become the best entrepreneur you could ever be!

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Julia Bachousi
Senior Project Manager

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