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Project dissemination services, by IED


Promoting European projects and reaching the targeted population is one of the hardest parts of the implementation process. It is very common for many organizations to fail in the process of finding a wide audience and complete the necessary actions of the project.

If the dissemination process of a project is organized and all actions are completed on time then the project will be considered successful.

If your consortium is not able to take on the dissemination process then you need to think about hiring the services of an expert that will be able to do it for you. One such expert is the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (IED).

In order to promote the funded projects and reach the targeted population and the widest audience, IED helps consortia with the creation, development, and implementation of communication campaigns. Our expertise includes:

  • Writing of the dissemination plan, exploitation, and replication plan;
  • Support in networking with similar projects;
  • Design of dissemination materials (leaflet, logo, infographic, posters) and actions (newsletter, social media pages) ;
  • Design, maintenance, and update of a public website using the latest technologies (responsive, one page, SEO) thanks to the expertise of our IT department;
  • Intellectual property management during and after the project

In order to provide consortia with these services, IED can be integrated as a partner or subcontractor in the project, depending on the requirements and rules of the funding agency/programme.

Every part of an EU project is important and must not be neglected. For the correct dissemination of a project hire IED’s services or make us your partner!

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