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Entrepreneurship though Serious Games

The entrepreneurship levels in Europe seem to be lower than ever. Although people all around the world know about entrepreneurship and its importance to the evolution of the society, they do not seem to bother getting into the matter. Is that because they do not care? Or is it because they do not know how?

Playing and Learning

In one of our previous articles we talked about entrepreneurship and whether it can be taught. We concluded to the fact that, there are certain entrepreneurial skills that have to come naturally and others that can be taught. A combination of the two can help develop entrepreneurship in all the different business sectors and help raise the levels of entrepreneurship in Europe.

Nowadays, there are certain methods that can help teach entrepreneurship, that seem to be a lot more effective. One of those methods is Serious Games. Serious Games promote a lifelong learning process that can help future entrepreneurs not only develop their skills and competences but also evolve them through time and experience.

A new teaching method

Serious Games work in a very specific way. As we can see in the visual model, Dale’s cone of Experience, students can remember 90% of everything they can learn through experience, work and simulation and only a 10% of what they learn through reading.


In other words, when it comes to entrepreneurship, a person is more likely to learn how to do it and practice it if they acquire the knowledge through experience and simulation, than by simply reading about it or watching a few videos.

Serious Games give people the opportunity to actually simulate situations in which they are the entrepreneurs and they have to work in order to evolve their idea. If we do take under consideration the fact that, entrepreneurship can partially be taught then we have a concrete outcome in our hands. And that outcome is the following.

‘’Through the use of Serious Games people can evolve their current entrepreneurial skills and at the same time develop new ones. This can be achieved through simulation that will give people the opportunity to act as entrepreneurs and see results of their work’’

The best place to start applying the Serious Games method is a place of Higher Education. Universities are the best candidate in this particular case. Serious Games promote lifelong learning. University students will have the opportunity to continue learning even after they complete their studies.

There are some steps that need to be taken, however, for this method to work. Some needs that must be covered. These needs are:

  • A solid strategy.
  • Staff to be trained in order to learn how they can use Serious Games to teach entrepreneurship.
  • The current traditional education methods to adapt to a new order of things and evolve, in order to be consistent with modern versions of entrepreneurship.

By following these steps, new teaching methods through Serious Games can rapidly improve the entrepreneurship levels in Europe and all around the world.

Through work comes experience. Through experience comes knowledge. And through knowledge comes the need for evolution. Modern teaching methods are the pillars for new, innovative opportunities in the “world of entrepreneurship”.

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