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EU Tools and estimations from municipality representatives for a gradual return to our normal way of life


The project HOSTVET- “IMPROVEMENT OF THE MANAGEMENT OF LOCAL HOSTING VET ORGANISATIONS IN TOURISTIC SECTOR” is a project that focuses on the touristic sector, a field that faced great challenges during summer of 2020 due to the COVID-19 circumstance. The partnership has created a blog “NEWS FROM EUROPE” where they share information about the activities of the project. TIA Formazione published an interview that conducted with the Mayor of Bosa Pier Franco Casula,  who gave his perspective concerning this unprecedented situation, ProAndi partners published an interview with Lucinda Amorim, Councilwoman for Economic Development, Tourism, Agriculture and Fisheries of Póvoa de Varzim municipality where she communicated the strategies on how the city of Póvoa de Varzim is returning after the State of Emergency in Portugal. IED partners shared the first evidence on the outcome of the pandemic concerning tourism and MAD for Europe informed us about some assistance tools published by European Union for tourism.  You can find some abstracts from the articles published on the blog below. 

What obstacles do you see in the realization of a greater relationship between the realization of a greater Europeanisation of Bosa and Europe?  

 “The greatest obstacles are precisely those linked to the absence, in the workforce of the Municipality, of personnel qualified in this sense and with knowledge of the myriad of opportunities that Europe places before us.” 

Abstract from Tia Formazione, Italy 

(Q) What challenges do you consider existing at this moment for citizens of Póvoa and tourists to return to normal? 

(A) “The “normality” that we knew will not exist immediately. Therefore, the essential challenge will be the adaptation (of the tourist offer and of the tourists themselves) and resilience in view of the current conditions that do not prevent us from enjoying what, in terms of tourism, the municipality has to offer and even allows the development of the offer in new, differentiated terms with a common denominator, the increase in sanitary and hygienic quality.” 

Abstract from ProAndi, Portugal 

“Even though Greece has a low rate of coronavirus transmission, is expected to bring in only 15% of last year’s total revenue since tourism is making up more than a fifth of the country’s economic output. Not only the number of visitors is not high as it was in previous years but also the few visitors that arrived have triggered new chains of coronavirus infections.” 

Abstract from IED, Greece   

“The European Union has launched a website very useful for these months in Europe. The tool is called ‘Re-open EU’ and is to support the revival of travel and tourism in Europe safely. It offers information about the borders, means of transport and tourist services available in the Member States in real time.” 

Abstract from Mad for Europe, Spain 

In order to get informed about the project’s progress and activities and review the original articles you can visit us here: 

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