First steps in social entrepreneurship

Our Erasmus+ project “RURAL TREASURES: Social entrepreneurship-the heart of rural development” aims to promote the development of rural areas through the education of people in business issues, as well as motivating them to develop a business using the cultural, social and environmental resources available in their areas of residence. In this framework, the project’s partnership has developed the educational training material “First steps in social entrepreneurship“.

The material includes the following modules:

  • What is Social Entrepreneurship?
  • Planning and setting up your idea
  • Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Be a successful social entrepreneur
  • Finances
  • Business Canvas Model
  • Impact reporting
  • Help & Support

In order to acquire access in the modules of the “First steps in social entrepreneurship”, please follow the following steps:

  1. Visit the project’s official website:
  2. Put your “mouse” on the section “project’s outputs”
  3. Then, touch (without clicking) the section IO3 The first steps in social entrepreneurship
  4. Finally, select according to your needs and preferences which module of the 9 offered you want to read
  5. Feel ready to make your first steps!

The overall objectives of “RURAL TREASURES: Social entrepreneurship-the heart of rural development” project are to enhance people’s awareness through international exchange of good practices and success stories, to develop their creativity and mind flexibility in order to promote well – being in the rural regions where they live and to foster the use of  the social, environmental and cultural resources. Among the main intellectual outputs of the project, are the best practices of social entrepreneurship, the research “Rural Treasures- discovering and improvement and the e-platform “Social entrepreneurship park”.

For further information and the latest updates do not hesitate to visit our project’s  official website by clicking here and the project’s facebook page by clicking here. You can have all the information of the project as well as the outputs at your disposal.

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