Flexi-Tour IO2: The Outcome of an Extensive Research

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED) announces the Flexi-Tour ΙΟ2; the results of an ongoing research. The main subject of the research is Tourism, and its promotion; through tracing the shortcomings of the sector, and provide solutions.

Explaining Flexi-Tour

Tourism is a sector that is being challenged, as its adaptation to the new market, technology, and customer service’s demands is an imperative. Flexi-Tour is an Erasmus+ project, that is aiming to bridge the gaps between the transition of the past with the future’s demands. It is addressed to local communities and authorities; however, professionals and whoever is interested in tourism and cultural heritage, are also included in our target group.

The first step of the project’s plan was to map the opportunities and shortcomings of the tourism sector and create the professional profile of tourism workers. The profile includes competences and skills pertinent knowledge, in order to overcome any challenges. The second step of its design was the creation of a course that will upskill the tourism professionals and will empower them. Also, the final step will be the creation of an e-platform that will provide the interested parties with materials, resources and tools.

Flexi-Tour ΙΟ2: The Pillars of the Training Course

IO2 is the result that occurred, in an attempt to form a pertinent and complete course. It is consisted of three (3) Modules, that are the following:

  • 1st Module Theme: Branding strategies for Tourism promotion.
  • 2nd Module Theme: Entrepreneurship in the field of Tourism.
  • 3rd Module Theme: Cultural heritage and Sustainable Tourism.

The first module contains information on how to embody social media and digital advancements to the business operation. This strategy not only benefits the business but promotes the local resources. Furthermore, technology can improve significantly the preparations. The second one is consisted of sub-modules that cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset, from the provision of existent knowledge to cultivation of personality qualities. The third module is a reminder of the available natural resources, of every area, and they can play a contributing role in the tourism sector; however, respect should be taken into consideration in the deployment of every landscape.

We hope that Flexi-Tour IO2 will become a useful tool for professionals of the tourism sector. If you would like to contribute to our goal on this subject, do not hesitate to drop us a line.

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