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Wellbeing in Workplace: The European Situation

Wellbeing in Workplace: The European Situation

Wellbeing in workplace has become a key goal for Europe. This concept embodies the notion of health and safety in the place of work, with the promotion of employee’s rights notion.

Ideas to be Implemented for Wellbeing in Workplace

In order to promote wellbeing in the place of employment, there should be a mapping of the elements that impede it. An honest feedback between employees and employers can achieve the recognition of risks. Therefore, the identification of these elements would lead employers to take the measures, that correspond to the obstacles; and, promote wellbeing.

Nevertheless, the measures for risk prevention should not be shaped by bracketing an employee’s needs with the entire group. The set of measures should also be developed, by taking into consideration the employee’s needs. In addition, EU projects that foster the goal of wellbeing and can be applied in the workplace.

It is worth noticing that measures can differ from one workplace to another. Measures should be a result of the societal, cultural and workplace context.

Significance of Fostering this New Approach

Workplace wellbeing contributes significantly to leading a healthier life. Both for employers and employees. In addition, the employment framework will be more open and more inclusive to people with poor mental health. As, the needs of the latter, will be an important parameter to the overall policy agenda. To a greater extent, healthy working conditions for employees, can impact the economic profile of the business, in a positive manner.

This approach will function as a domino effect; as it is operating not only on a personal level, but it is targeting to a wider group of benefits; hence, will affect other societal sectors as well.

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED) supports wellbeing in workplace. Institute’s active participation into relevant European projects, proves the acknowledgment of the importance and future impact of this approach. If you have an idea that can contribute to this subject, do not hesitate to contact us.

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