Get flexible with the Triple E-dge mobile game

These days, it is very important for both young people and older people to have developed skills that will make them competitive in different areas of their lives. One of these skills is flexibility.

People who are considered ‘’flexible’’ have the ability to respond fast and easy and in different and effective ways according to the demands of the various situations in their lives. What is important is the fact that they can adapt to different work environments, which is hard to do nowadays, especially among young people. For this reason, it is very important for young people to develop their flexibility skill through various tools they may have at their disposal.

The Erasmus+ project Triple Edge is the kind of project that is able to provide young people with the right tools to develop their flexibility. During the implementation of the project, the DODO game was developed. This game aims to help its players develop their flexibility by adding more difficulty to each level that passes.

While playing the game players are asked to help Dodo, the bird, get across the obstacles by jumping around. Flexibility plays the most important role, as the players must make extremely difficult jumps from one surface to the other trying to avoid obstacles like spikes and walls. While playing the game you will notice that your hands, as well as your mind, need to adjust to complete every level. It is not just about how you will press the buttons to get the bird through the obstacles. It is about thinking and managing to find the most optimal way to get the bird across by developing a flexible way of thinking.

If you want to get your flexibility on, download the game today and start playing. It will not be long before you notice your flexibility skill developing and making a substantial change to your daily routine!

Download our free mobile game here and find out just how flexible you are

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