Guide for Active Participation of Youth in Cultural Events

The European Year of Cultural Heritage aims to encourage more people to discover and commit to the European cultural heritage and to reinforce the feeling of belonging to a common European area. The motto of the year 2019 was: “Our heritage: where the past meets the future“.

Organizations around Europe are contributing to promoting this aim by creating cultural projects that bring together and motivate young people, create value, and enhance the development of relevant skills and competences.  

PROSOA RURAL is an example having as core objective the promotion of social and civic competences in educational centers in rural areas to encourage young people to actively participate in local and cultural events generating local development initiatives that meet the needs of the environment where they live, having as a base or inspiration the conservation and promotion of Cultural Heritage and Traditions. A consortium of 5 organizations

  • Acción Laboral – Spain,
  • IED – Institute of Entrepreneurship Development – Greece,
  • Inova+ – Innovation Service SA – Portugal,
  • Futuro Digitale – Italy,
  • ILA – International Labour Association – Netherland

came together to bring and exchange practices on how to enhance active participation among young people. Under the project framework, a training guide was developed.

The training guide aims to encourage the active participation of young people in the local environment, cultural and traditional events. Reading the training guide, young people will acquire key skills to be active citizens and more committed to the society they live in.

What is included in the training guide?

Active Participation guide presents

  • What is active participation?
  • Active participation in Education
  • Active participation in Politics/Decision Making
  • Active participation in Social Life
  • Active participation in Work life
  • Training Activities on the abovementioned

You can find the training guide available here!

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Julia Bachousi
Senior Project Manager

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