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The Role of a Manager in the Well-being of Employees


If you take some time to think about your role as a manager in business than you’re going to realize that it goes beyond the regular managerial position anyone could have. Yes, you need to coordinate certain processes. If you’re the manager of a department or of an entire company you need to focus on making sure that processes will run as smoothly as possible.

Being a proper manager

However, one of the most common mistakes that a lot of managers out there do is the fact that they are not focusing on their employees. Yes, when you are hiring an employee it is that employees’ obligation to be on time, to do their job, and to do it as perfect as possible for the good of the company.

For years managers kept forgetting about one very important thing. Employees are people and people need motivation for them to be able to work the right way. If an employee is not motivated then, they are simply going to come in, do their job, and get out without caring about the evolution of the business. A business without caring employees is not going to be able to take the step to the next level.

The well-being of employees is a matter of massive concern nowadays. It is a matter that has been discussed over and over again on multiple different occasions and the result was always the same. It is much more important to focus on the well-being of the employees and focus on the well-being of the business. If you have the first you can have the second. However, a company that is not properly taken care of the employees is most likely not going to be able to evolve.

The well-being of the employees is important for every manager

The role of the manager in the well-being of the employees is very important. As a manager, it is your responsibility to be the kind of person the employees are going to look up to. For example, if you are managing a specific department in business then, that means you are the most experience perhaps, the oldest in the business doing that particular profession.

As a result, all of the employees of that department are going to look up to you. They are going to look to you for improvement. They will believe that in case of emergency you’re the one who will be able to bring a solution to a problem. Most importantly, when they are feeling unmotivated they will expect you to give them the encouragement they need to keep going.

Motivating your employees

Now, if as a manager you are not able to do that then you are not promoting the well-being of your employees within your department. From a certain point after your department will start to fail because the employees will not be motivated enough to work for something more.

It is quite easy to blame the employees for the deterioration of the Department however, we must understand that the manager and head of the Department or business are equally responsible. There are many different things that you can do for you to help your employees get more motivated and promote well-being.

Promoting office well-being

As a manager, you will want to think about what it is that you’re doing to promote the well-being of your employees. If you are currently not doing anything and perhaps you might want to consider adding a few arrows to your quiver that could potentially increase the well-being of your employees.

It is quite a common phenomenon for a lot of companies across Europe to provide their employees with extra time off, bigger brakes, and bonuses as an effort to motivate them and promote well-being. In the working environment, it is always a good idea to have someone the employees can talk to. Big multinational companies are usually employing the services of psychologists with expertise in work-related issues to help the employees get motivated and continue their work.

Applying the right methods

Some of the simplest methods you could use would be to simply become a bit more familiar with your employees. As a manager, you will not want to be the guy standing against them. On the contrary, you will need to be one with the team. If they view you as the boss they are never going to trust that you can help them in case of an emergency and this is most certainly not something you will want for the business.

The European Commission is strongly focusing on the well-being of employees in the labor market to reduce prevent and combat work-related stress. Through projects like the WELLy project, the impact of the physical and psychosocial work environment on the health and the well-being of the employees is addressed. The project maps the important competencies that managers should have to implement a correct approach for preventing and reducing stress at work.

The WELLy project

 WELLy aims at increasing the competencies of managers needed for engendering employee engagement, health, and well-being by identifying the challenges and helping managers to support their employees through the development of competencies thus improving their management approach.

If you want to learn more about the project you can feel free to visit its website, check out the key objectives as well as all the latest news. Take advantage of the ingenious outcomes that will help you understand the concept of work well-being, how to build your work well-being manager professional profile, train your new skills and competencies and become a certified manager with actual knowledge of the importance of well-being within a business to combat employee stress.

Your job as a manager does not stop at the very basics. Learn how you can help your employees improve their work, increase the results, reduce stress, and help the business reach the next level.

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