Guide for Mumpreneurs

MUMPRENEUR is a new term-trend which combines the words motherhood and entrepreneurship. After becoming a mother many women (intend to) develop their own business in order to do something they like and they feel confident about it as well as in order to boost the income of their families. These women need support, educational guidance and consulting advices to empower their business.

Except for bringing new aspects to entrepreneurship, this new “mumpreneurship” term also adds value in other domains linked with gender equality and equal opportunities, entrepreneurship and skills.  FEMME project tries to give a concrete and experimented answer for Mumpreneurs providing women-mothers with the opportunity to participate in best practices showcases and networking activities, in order to increase their contacts, expand their business and get in touch with new ideas and dialogue on a peer-to-peer basis. 

The guide is, mainly, addressed to mothers who have created their own business or who intend to create their own business after maternity. Its main objective is to empower, encourage and support mumpreneurs in starting or growing a business. Moreover, an effort is made to offer some answers to the main questions related to mumpreneurship as mumpreneurs need to understand the basic knowledge, needs, demands related to business management.

In order to achieve that, the guide which was advanced in the project’s frame, provides practical advice and recommendations on the topic of mothers in entrepreneurship. It helps them to get familiar with the terminology: ”mumpreneur/mumpreneurship”, it suggests the basic tools a mother can use in her efforts to become an entrepreneur and it guides them on the road of needs and obstacles they have to face in running a business;

Finally, the guide offers practical information on the main activities that take place in an enterprise, it makes mumpreneurs aware of some aspects that could limit their entrepreneurial opportunities as well as it underlines the complex economic, social and cultural aspects that influence a business run.

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Katerina Pouspourika
SEO Manager & Copywriter

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