Guide for Pop-Up Shops

Nowadays, Pop-Up Shops are becoming more familiar to people. But, most of the times is difficult to find a total guide in order to explore or start dealing with this world of Pop-Up shops.

Under the framework of the Erasmus+, project “Push – Pop-UP sho Helper”, in which the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development participates as a partner,  we created for you a complete guide in order to help you start your own one.

This interactive and innovative guide, a training course, in other words, will help you to gain the basic knowledge on the Pop-Up business activities. In particular, the training materials are consisted of:

  • Introduction to pop-up shops (what is it, benefits, challenges, find the right location, the pop-up checklist)
  • Planning and Organization (planning effectively, the importance of organization, funding, and budgeting, pricing strategy, strategic planning, business plan, the 4-step approach)
  • Management and Marketing (human resources management, contracts, recruitments, wages/salary, the purposes of the marketing, what product to sell, digital marketing, social media campaign, design your pop-up shop)
  • Evaluation of a Pop-Up shop (the importance of the evaluation, what, when and how we evaluate, measuring results, decision-making)
  • Personal development (time management, motivation, leadership, negotiations)

In each training module, we have included relevant videos and learning activities for effective understanding. After each module, a quiz is there for you to test your knowledge level.

You can have full free access to start learning about the Pop-Up shop here! You just need to register on the platform.

Pop-up shops are certainly a great way for every new business to see the light of day. If you have an innovative idea for a business or just a passion that you want to see become a reality, open up your very own pop-up shop today. You will be able to learn everything about the real world, of business, start slow and steady and make sure that your budget will increase just in time for you to open up your first big shop.

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Julia Bachousi
Project Manager

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