Transnational report – Development of the Innovation Management and Utilization in New Entrepreneurs and Adult Education Ecosystem and Methodological Framework (eBook)

UINNO is a two-year Erasmus+ project aiming to develop an adult training package to equip EU citizens with basic skills and knowledge on innovative aspects, who are potential entrepreneurs and start up creators. The UINNO training package will be provided in a full digital format based on eLearning pedagogies, work-based online learning, and collaboration.

The 1st phase of the project has been completed: the national research reports created by each partner on the State of the Art of innovation management and entrepreneurial skills have been finalized. These are the basis for the eBook that partners conducted through the project. The conducted research gathered information regarding online training provision, including available related ICT tools in the area of entrepreneurship found relevant in the partner countries (Austria, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain) and for the design of the project results having a specific focus on disadvantaged adult learners as final beneficiaries. It, however, looks beyond the partnership borders involving also stakeholders from other countries in Europe, namely from Bulgaria, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Lithuania, Norway, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden, Turkey, the United Kingdom, where the questionnaires were replied.

The following conclusions were made:

  • Entrepreneurship education is provided in all partner countries and delivered in face to face training, as well as in e-learning platforms or mobile apps. However, all partner countries have reported a lack of training options aimed at low-qualified and disadvantaged adults on entrepreneurship. The modules relevant to set up a business include topics such as: Design Thinking, Utilizing and Managing Innovation, Start-up Business Plan, Digital Innovation and Digital Marketing and the questions “from the mind to the market” and “how to move the idea from the shed and launch it in the marketplace”.
  • The structure of the training is a particularly relevant aspect as the envisaged learner groups (i.e. young unemployed people, women (re-)entering the labor market, (newly arrived) migrants) have different specific needs. Technical and individual support by guidance to facilitate labor market (re-)integration is a very important aspect. The guidance aspect should also be considered when it comes to learning support given via the online training platform because even having a training course developed for flexible and self-guided learning, it is beneficial to have a person to share questions, ideas and concerns with (e.g. in peer to peer communication).

If you want to read more detailed the research that partners implemented and the results that they found, you can have a look at the e-book, which is free available through our project’s website, in the following link

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Maria Dalakoura
Senior Project Manager