Guide for Trainers in Mumpreneurship

Mumpreneurship is a concept that incorporates Maternity and Entrepreneurship, meaning that involves women who, after becoming mothers decide to create their own business. In Europe, that movement is mostly being developed by informal groups of women who feel the need to join into communities with peers to exchange ideas, share knowledge and expand their business.

Within the framework of the project “FEMME – Fostering the Exchange of practices to Empower Mumpreneurship in Europe”, Institute of Entrepreneurship Development and the fellow partners of the project, developed the “Guide for Trainers” in Mumpreneurship.

The main aim of this guide is to help trainers organize and implement training activities in the mumpreneurship field. All the needed steps are given and explained in order to help trainers share their experience, provide knowledge and help mumpreneurs to develop and improve their business skills as well as to start their own business or manage in a better and efficient way their possibly existing one.

In this detailed guide the following steps are included:

  1. Ice-breaking

It includes all the needed activities in order to familiarize the trainer and the participants with each other in order to enhance productive learning in mumprneurship.

  • Idea Development

It defines how to host and organize large group dialogue, ideas’ brainstorming, and teambuilding fostering.

  • Planning, Organization, and Management

It is about a creative activity that focuses on team building that brings participants close to each other by working on projects for the same purpose.

  • Marketing

“What is Digital Marketing” and “How to develop it by using the canvas”? for Mumpreneurship

  • Evaluation

It helps the participants to realize and evaluate how efficient they are in relation to their own goals and ambitions.

  • Accounting and Finances

This exercise helps participants to calculate the budget needed for opening their own business.

  • Fundraising

It shows the right techniques for writing an appeal letter which is a crucial procedure for the enterprise’s fundraising.

  • Soft Skills

The participants will figure out if they have all the necessary organizational, planning skills, and traits to lead their own enterprise and if they are capable to identify entrepreneurial opportunities.

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