Hackathons can be the first step to create a startup

Creating a startup is never an easy task.  Apart from the original idea that has to be really out there, there are so many little but important details that need to be taken care of. Like for example realizing that a startup needs perfect communication between the employees, just like every other company. That it is all about taking chances and chasing a dream

But most importantly that starting might be a lot harder but can be a lot more profitable at the end. What really matters is to have a good starting point. The problem with many aspiring entrepreneurs is the fact that although they might have the idea, they do not know how to start going about it. Well, have you ever thought about the fact that you are not the only one out there with this problem and that actions are already been taken about it?

These actions can be found in the form of hackathons and hackathons truly seem to be the best first step towards a successful startup. Try to imagine it this way. It does not matter what field of expertise you are in. You have a bright idea and you want to make that idea a reality. Taking part in a hackathon will mean that people will see your idea. Even if your idea does not win it will still be exposed to potential benefactors. You will still be able to learn how you can get a grand of a funding to try and bring your idea to life.

Space hackathons are the most famous hackathons around the world and they can actually 100% support the belief that hackathons are the right first step for every startup. Just take some time to see how many startups were formed over the years simply by their inspirators taking part in a hackathon.

The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, as a true expert on entrepreneurship, has come up with an amazing idea that, if integrated into a Horizon 2020 project, could bring amazing results for the future of startups. Hackathons encourage people to work together to solve challenges using satellite data and apply the knowledge to benefit all. These hackathons will work as a platform that encourages the whole ecosystem which involves government, education, industry, and citizens to focus on solving punctual problems.

The objective of the idea is to foster entrepreneurship, encourage start-up creation and promote the use of space technologies and space acquired data;

  • support people to dream big and develop their entrepreneurial spirit
  • show how the space sector can positively impact on our daily life
  • demonstrate the social economic potential of the space sector and its ability to boost startup creation
  • build a bridge between civil society and space agencies
  • encourage people from diverse backgrounds to start technical companies

The core activity is the conduction of the Hackathon events; participants will organize into projects, focused on solving a specific predefined challenge. They will work together on creating business perspectives for the challenges through the use of patents, technologies and satellite data to create start-ups or add value to existing ones.

The event will be focusing on space and entrepreneurship to discover the exciting opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship.

The solutions and contributions, generated at these events, will be in the form of applications, the creation of datasets, APIs, hardware, wearables, and sensors; which are tangible footprints that can be used for posterior research to address current challenges relevant to both space exploration and social need. Each entry will be evaluated by a jury of experts on the following criteria;

  • Societal Value
  • Originality / Novelty
  • Feasibility / Sustainability
  • Usability and user interface

Every Horizon 2020 proposal focused on entrepreneurship and startups needs this idea. If you are interested in putting it in your proposal contact our offices today and talk to us about becoming our partner for your Horizon 2020 project proposal!

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Thodoris Alexandrou
Chief Operating Officer