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How to promote social integration for migrants


One of the most important things for the European Union nowadays is to make sure that, a large number of migrants and immigrants entering Europe on a daily basis will be able to get integrated into the European society. We are talking about actual people that lost everything and have to start over. Being able to help them get integrated and actually provide for the European society is a very big deal.

Now, a problem that emerges is the fact that, many people and also many countries do not exactly know how they can promote social integration for migrants. The truth is that there are certain steps that can be taken in order for migrants to get integrated into European society. These steps can be quite easy but quite complicated at the same time. And it is important for every country and every person living in that country to make sure that they will try to follow them to the letter.

First and foremost, countries must be able to provide integration services to all of those people seeking asylum from other countries. If countries in Europe are actually able to prove and promise to the migrants that they are going to be safe and that they will be able to start a new life then, the integration process is going to be a lot easier and a lot simpler.

Secondly, countries need to make sure that, when the migrants are actually going to become a part of the labor force of each country they will be working somewhere that will match their skills. Imagine being the person that was ripped away from your country and right now you have to work for someone and do something that you have absolutely no idea how to do. You will not be successful and it will definitely make your integration to a new country a lot more difficult. It is important to place migrants to places where they actually feel safe and capable to work.

The third step would be to support them on different levels. Although people say that were not supposed to discriminate and, they are truly correct, there are certain things that need to be taken into account. The background of each migrant means that they will

most likely be needing completely different support. Treating them differently depending on their background is actually a necessity. If you have migrants that actually do have a degree of training and then you have migrants that lack basic qualifications you’re not going to be treating them the same way now are you?

The fourth step is actually paying extra attention to children. Especially children that arrived here without being accompanied by an adult. Unfortunately yes, that is the case and we’re talking about children of all ages. Children from the age of 14 to 17 need to get a formal education. They need to go to school and they need to feel like part of the country they are in and of course part of the new society. That will help them get integrated a lot easier and feel that they are now safe.

There are so many more steps that can be taken but this fifth step will most likely be the most important one. Actually, educate European citizens about migrants. The most important reason as to why many European citizens are actually very much against migrants is due to the fact that, they have not been educated by their countries about them. We are topping about people that had to go through war and poverty, they had to lose their homes and perhaps even their family. These people are not criminals, they are not going to be dangerous for the Europeans. They are people that need a lot of help and attention in order for them to be able to stand on their feet again.

Migrants are people that will show respect and will be grateful if they receive the help that they need. Europeans need to understand that, helping migrants is most likely going to be the most important thing they are ever going to do. Sure, there might always be some bad cases by, nor must judge a book by its cover.

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