New Project: Deepening Work Based Learning

Work-based learning is an idea that promotes entrepreneurship, can help with the transition from school to work environment and can, of course, help minimize the unemployment rate all around Europe. It is an idea highly linked to VET and supported by the European Union. Although in many countries WBL is sort of obligatory with VET institutions being in cooperation with companies, by law, in other countries it is more of a choice.

The profits of work-based learning can be seen throughout Europe,  by the countries that have already been implementing this training. The results are obvious and they are good. Therefore the European Union supports these actions by making sure to set out calls for actions for European Projects that will continue promoting work-based learning.

The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, being the strong stakeholder that it is, when it comes to entrepreneurship and being a very reliable experiences EU Project partner all around Europe, is once again ready to follow these calls by implementing the Deepening Work-Based Learning  ( DEEP IN WBL) Project. The main οbjective of the project is fostering a closer engagement in WBL by promoting a better understanding of:

  • The role of the different professionals involved in the implementation of the WBL
  • The practices implemented to strengthen cooperation between teachers and trainers to improve the quality of VET, its responsiveness to the labor market needs and ensuring learners high-quality learning experiences
  • The practices implemented to empower women in WBL

It is completely reasonable to assume that change, any kind of change, is never very easy. Especially not when we are talking about a sector in which every little change can make or break everything. Work-based learning demands a lot of time and a lot of changes to take place. In many countries, this might actually take even longer.

The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development is ready to take on the difficult task of implementing these actions and making sure that positive change will be promoted in every case. This is after all the right way to promote entrepreneurship.

And never forget that, nowadays, entrepreneurship is the best way for men and women all around the world to manage and make their dreams come true. Starting from the school to work transition all the way to work-based learning, entrepreneurship will be the next step to bring people to a state where they will know what their professional dreams are and will be able to make them a reality.

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