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Short-term joint staff training in Malta


In September 2018, an activity of the RESTART group took place in Malta, where a specific training action inspired by the transition towards Industry 4.0 was held for the staff of the entities participating in the RESTART 4.0 project. The Maltese partner, MACDAC Engineering Consultancy Bureau (MECB), hosted this interesting event, attended by 13 participants coming from 6 different partner countries.

The sessions, which included lecturing sessions on various topics related to industry 4.0, were accompanied by practical demonstrations. The opening training session was delivered by the representatives of the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development and was about introducing Industry 4.0 and its association to ICT. The session provided ample information about, not only the origins and predecessors of the 4th Industrial revolution but also how everything has altered globally the digital landscape. This first session was very well received and brought everyone up-to-speed, in order to continue with the rest of the topics.

Generally, the aim of this training activity was to provide partner staff members with knowledge on the ICT applications available for use by VET providers, industrial enterprises and organizations. Other topics that were addressed during the sessions included, Computer Aided Design for Industrial Product Modelling, Digital Factory Planning & Augmented Reality or e-commerce & business applications.

The activity also provided the trainees with the opportunity to exchange ideas on the methodology that each trainer will use in local context to deliver the RESTART Training Toolbox Test in the coming months. The Short-term joint staff training event was a highly enriching experience, after which the participating trainers are equipped with tools, skills, and knowledge to conduct their training programme in each partner country.

Originally posted in the project website

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