IFCHEESE project’s deliverables

Our project “IFCHEESE – Innovative Focus on Natural Mountain Herbal Flavored Cheese by Protecting Traditional Production Methods” is about to finish.

Its aim of the IFCHEESE project was to focus on the problems of youth and local people who produce cheese with traditional methods. Moreover, the project aimed through research, study and recording/documenting the unique natural mountain herbal-flavored cheese preserving traditional techniques and create opportunities to provide income for young women so that the percentage of immigration could be reduced and traditional knowledge could be transferred to the next generation.

During the previous two years the following outputs were developed in the framework of IF CHEESE project:

  1. Innovative Production Methods of Traditional Mountain Herbal Flavored Cheese: A report about the innovative production methods including detailed step-by-step information about the traditional production Mountain Herbal Flavored Cheese in partner countries was released.
  2. E-learning platform on innovative/competitive mountain herbal flavored cheese of Europe Union: This e-learning portal and website which was developed within the project, includes all IT information for young farm-cheese producers in order to approach an innovative focus. In particular, it includes:
    • practical and hands-on new innovative traditional cheese-making instructions
    • information for the young women farm-cheese producers and of course for industry professionals, hobbyist, and also for consumers.

The platform demonstrates useful techniques on how to improve texture, flavor and nutrition value and thereby stimulate product innovation together with information of e-trade.

3. Documentary film on mountain herbal-flavored cheese of EU: The short documentary film presents how innovative mountain-herbal flavored cheese can be produced. The film consists of production methods, plants information, flavorings, utilities, European Hygiene principles, plant processing, and marketing strategy and tactics.

If you want to learn more about the project, its deliverables and acquire a deeper knowledge on the herbal flavored cheese by protecting traditional production methods, do not hesitate to visit our project’s official website by clicking here.

Read the State of the National Report in cheese production of Thessaly region in Greece, here.

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