Internet of Energy: Creating “SMART” Systems

The last few years, communities are more and more subjected to the use of technology digitization and the Internet of Energy. As a result, energy consumption is in constant growth and the U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates that by 2040 it will have reached 56%. Even though, countries are starting to invest in “green” and alternative energy sources, there are still many measures to be taken. The way that energy is transmitted and distributed often includes inadequate and overloaded means and infrastructures. Therefore, it is essential to comply with the new paradigms in order to achieve not only optimal performance bur also an eco-friendly approach regarding the issue of energy waste.

Internet of Energy (IoE) is a transformation of Internet of Things (IoT), an innovative technology that has already started to gain ground in the industry sector of European countries. It creates “smart” systems via device interconnectivity and interoperability. More specifically, IoE uses “smart” sensors that assess energy performance in real-time and provides analyses and data. The sensors and the devices function connected resulting in the receiving and sending of information, thus creating complete and updated systems.

The project “IoE-EQ: Internet of Energy – Education and Qualification” addresses this technological trend. The kick-off meeting took place in Naples, Italy on 19 and 20 October. The leading partner is Insituto Motori of the National Research Council of Italy, at the premises of which the meeting was carried out. Apart from the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED), the participating partners are from Italy, Spain, Lithuania, Germany and Portugal.

The project will be completed in 2020 and by then it aims to boost the transfer of IoE technology at European level and to provide relevant knowledge to the professionals, so they will be in a position to implement and manage this technology. More specifically, the project will identify the required profile and qualifications of the professionals that would potentially take on IoE technologies and provide training and education in order to maximize their capacity and skills. In the meantime, SMEs and enterprises in general will learn about IoE and will be able to implement it as to achieve better competitiveness and increase their financial benefits.

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