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ISOP Association: Ways to raise awareness of equal opportunities, human rights and anti-discrimination

ISOP stands for innovative social projects and is a NGO which aims to raise awareness of equal opportunities, human rights and anti-discrimination. With several public projects and engagement programmes, the organisation achieves its goal to raise awareness through co-operation, specifically focusing on skill acquisition in the areas of employment, education, youth social work and culture.

The approach of ISOP is orientated around diversity, needs and resources. Alongside German courses, there are lots of sociocultural projects, an intercultural library and an intercultural meeting point. The counselling includes professional guidance related to the workplace, education and planning of training, as well as individual supervision focusing on language and communication, social pedagogic guidance and general support with looking for a job.

ISOP also offers professional development courses for people working in education, integration, community services, and career guidance and counselling. The course includes modules related to intercultural topics, reflection modules, individual and group coaching. There are also additional modules on project management, presentation skills etc. A written final paper is required in order to receive a certificate.

The organisation has its own magazine, online videos and a department responsible for public relations. The organisation is very popular in the region and co-operates with private and public sector agencies.


The Prometheus project addresses the need for career counsellors and guidance practitioners to also consider these challenges and looks to aid in making the counselling process more relevant to the needs and attitudes of a new generation of digital natives by providing an online platform with peer networking opportunities and offering a repository of best practices and online guides and toolkits for counsellors.

100+ Enlightenment Best Practices e-Book includes 100 best and innovative practices from the field of career counseling and guidance from 5 European countries: Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, Austria and UK. It is a virtual library including information about the best practices, description of the practices, links to their authors / owners, useful information about the addressed target groups and the approach used.

The purpose of the e-Book is to help professionals from the field of career counseling and guidance in order to implement innovative practices and, in this way, be more effective in practicing their occupation and helping their clients.

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