Check out our experience in the field of the Gender Equality

Is there a gender gap in the workplace and especially in entrepreneurship?

Do women and men have equal opportunities?

Check out what we have done in the field of the Gender Equality?

  1. We conducted studies on best Practices in the EU for the promotion of Gender Equality
  2. We developed a European Code of Practice on Gender Equality and Equal opportunities
  3. We developed specialized training modules and courses for the promotion of gender equality and entrepreneurship skills

Gender Equality and Entrepreneurship for All

KA2 – Erasmus+ / End Date: 08/2017

  1. We developed a counseling methodology and relevant tools for women social entrepreneurs
  2. We have offered Consulting services in entrepreneurship to more than 100 women

Women’s Social Entrepreneurship project

NSRF / End Date: 08/2015

  1. We have developed the Professional Profile of Disadvantaged Women and the
  2. Methodology of Certification of Informal Qualifications of Disadvantaged Women
  3. We have implemented a complete pilot certification to Disadvantaged women in 4 countries.


LDV TOI / End Date: 12/2013

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