Mentorship guidelines for youth workers

Nowadays, young men and women all around Europe are finding it more and more difficult to find employment. Even if they do go through an apprenticeship, they are still not able to understand exactly what it is that they want to do or, how they are going to do it. It is of utmost importance to help younger generations get integrated into the labor market.

By simply leaving them on their own were going to be creating a generation of unemployed young people that will evidently act as a plague upon the European society. It is our responsibility to make sure that they will have all the help needed in order for them to be able to evolve on a professional level. Providing them with the right guidelines, we can definitely help them take a step forward.

However, it is important for the people that will be teaching youngsters how to become professionals, to know exactly what kinds of guidelines they are supposed to give. In other words, we need to train the trainers. Luckily, the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development has conducted a lot of studies and surveys, during the implementation of various European projects, and has created mentorship guidelines for youth workers.

By downloading our studies and surveys or by simply paying a visit to our website you will be able to get more information about exactly what kinds of steps must a young man or woman nowadays in Europe take in order for them to be able to implement their amazing ideas in the field of entrepreneurship.

If you think that you can become a mentor for those people then you are correct. The only thing you need is enough time to devote into learning exactly how you’re supposed to talk to these young kids and how you’re supposed to guide them the right way. You need professional information that has been tested and will definitely be able to bring you the right results.

The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development is a professional on the field of EU project implementation. Our expertise in entrepreneurship is able to provide us with enough information in order for us to teach younger generations how to become entrepreneurs. This is a top priority for the European Union. If you’re thinking about the fact that you want to create a consortium and implement more European projects in that field and you definitely want to contact our offices today.

You will be able to find various information on our website that will guide you towards the correct decisions and of course, will show you exactly why adding us to your consortium is a good idea. Talk to our expert workers today and we can guarantee that, before you know it you will have yourselves an expert partner to work with.

Maria Dalakoura
Project Manager

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