Possible scenarios for integrating the StartUp Academy training material into formal and non-formal education

The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, within the framework of the ERASMUS+ project “StartUp Academy- Developing International Innovation Acceleration and Supporting Environment for potential young Startuppers!”, in cooperation with the partners from the countries of Hungary, Romania, Croatia and Spain, after a research that they conducted in their countries in relation to entrepreneurship education, they run possible scenarios for integrating the training material that has been created within the frameworks of the project (which you can find in the following link: into education.

The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development is proud to be a partner in this very promising project. The deliverables of the projects appear to have great profit for the world of business.

IED is an experienced partner in the world of EU projects. With Startup Academy we aim to show our expertise in the real world of business. By providing young people with the ability to learn more about the business world we help build a strong european economy for everyone!

If you wish to be informed about the entrepreneurship education in the above-mentioned countries and in possible scenarios including the training in entrepreneurship into formal and non-formal education, please read the following handbook in the link below:


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Maria Dalakoura
Project Manager

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