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How can I be prepared for a Job Interview?

Every person who is looking for a new job should realize that a good preparation for the interview is half a way to success. Here are the main steps in the preparation for the interview.

  1. Analyze the position you apply for. Put down all the information about the position. Analyze if you match it or not, how you can help this company to develop, what will your main responsibilities be and if you will be able to fulfill hem.
  2. Assess yourself. Answer the following questions:

What is your career strategic target?

Does your target comply with the targets of your future position?

Why are you interested in this position?

How will you prove that your experience and skills correspond to the chosen position?

Which of your personal and professional features prove that you are a perfect fit for this position?

Do you really need this job?

Why should the company choose you and not somebody else?

  1. Study the information on the company. You have to learn as much as possible about the company. It will highlight your interest to it during the interview. If the interviewer asks you what you know about the company and you will not be able to answer, it will prove that you are not enough motivated for obtaining that position.
  2. Think of the questions you can be asked. Usually, all the questions during the job interview are standard. Prepare your concrete answers and examples which you will provide. You may train answering the questions with your friends. Ask them to listen to your answers, ask additional questions and provide you with the feedback on what should be changed or done differently.
  3. Find out what the employer may expect from you. If you manage to define your future employer’s expectations and requirements, it will be easier for you to comply with them and to use the right proof that you are a perfect candidate.
  4. Choose the right clothes for the interview. Don’t come to the interview in the bank in shorts and a T-shirt. Your clothes should correspond to the position you apply to.
  5. Come some minutes in advance. Plan your time in the way you could come some minutes beforehand and tune in before the interview. Being late will not do you good.
  6. Read about the body language. It is advisable to learn the main things about the body language in order your gestures and behavior could not let you down.

Now you are equipped before the interview, so there is no doubt it will be a success. Good luck!

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