Presentation of the Youth Respect Third Training

iED announces the successful materialization of the Youth Respect third training, which took place in Szczecin, Poland. The training’s length was five days, from August 16th to August 20th, 2021. The event occurred in the framework of the European project “RESPECT: Youths’ REspect of Solidarity, Peace, Equality, Citizenship and Tolerance through creativity”.

Brief Presentation of RESPECT

It is an Erasmus+ project, aiming at fostering the values of respect; solidarity; peace; equality; citizenship; and tolerance. The project aims to promote these principles to young people; hence, RESPECT addresses youth workers, trainers, artists engaged with youth education, and young people of cultural minority background. In addition, the design includes promoting these values by employing creative means. It is a strategic partnership of 6 organizations, coming from Cyprus; Greece; Bulgaria; and Poland.

For more information, regarding RESPECT, you can visit the project’s official website.

The Agenda of Youth Respect Third Training

The five-day training, in Poland, occurred with the physical attendance of partner countries’ representatives. The event structure revolved around workshops’ implementation, related to the artforms of alternative music and land art. In addition, the agenda included training on tangible ways of youth approach, in the topics of discrimination, inclusion, and diversity respect. Throughout the training, the partnership planned the Raising Awareness Campaign, to continue the contribution to youth workers; and discrimination elimination and racist behaviors around Europe. 

As the project reaches its completion, iED is content with the overall project performance. Our institute participates in many European initiatives, related to such causes; and it will continue its activities. If you want to contribute to our goals, you can drop our team a line.

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