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Presenting the StartUp EU Academy Intellectual Output 1

Presenting the StartUp EU Academy Intellectual Output 1

Discover the first StartUp EU Academy Intellectual Output. The research occurred within the framework of the European project StartUp EU Academy.

About StartUp EU Academy

StartUp EU Academy is an Erasmus+ project, that aims to enhance youth entrepreneurship, by incorporating the following three pillars: entrepreneurship; innovation; and, e-commerce. Its design is aiming at the improvement of key competences for young people; and, enhancing the capacities of youth workers and pertinent organizations. With the completion of this project, there will be four (4) intellectual outputs. The first output are reports from partner countries, and will be presented in the text. The following output will be an algorithmic and interactive guide for those interested in starting their own business. In addition, there will be a platform created, at European level, along with e-learning consisted with animated training material.

For more information regarding StartUp EU Academy, you can visit the official webpage. In addition, you can keep up with the project’s progress, at the official social media.

The First StartUp EU Academy Intellectual Output

The first output is about the creation of country reports. These reports will depict the current situation regarding entrepreneurship; innovation; and, e-commerce, in partner countries. The research was conducted through field research; literature review; questionnaires; focus group studies; and face to face visits. The point of this research was to figure out the European Union’s place, on the subject of youth entrepreneurship. The research plan is based on mapping the market’s needs and analyze them; and, by examining the experiences of existing enterprises.

iED is pleased with the progress of this project and with the results of the first StartUp EU Academy Intellectual Output. If you would like to contribute to this subject with your ideas, do not hesitate to drop us a line. Our institute believes in team effort.

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