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STARTUP OLÉ 2021 and the REInA Initiative

STARTUP OLÉ 2021 – An Event Dedicated to Entrepreneurship

Starting a business is often a solitary enterprise, or it could involve at least a couple of founding partners. But they don’t need to be that, or better, they shouldn’t. Thankfully, startups nowadays are considered a valuable asset to have as they act as drivers of innovation and economic growth. For all these reasons, support ecosystems assist startups by providing financial backing, mentoring and networking opportunities. If your Startup needs precisely that, you are at the right place. You should look no further than Startup Olé 2021.

Startup Olé 2021 – The What, Where, and When

Startup Olé 2021 will take place in Salamanca, Spain, between September 8th-10th. This will be the seventh year that Startup Olé takes place, and the organizers promised to make it the biggest event so far, expanding further on its previous successes. To not miss your opportunity to participate in the event, you can grab your tickets that are already on sale.

And indeed, Startup Olé has to showcase impressive participatory records and impact on the startup community that the numbers speak for themselves. More than 40.000 attendees coming from more than 120 countries have participated in their previous events. At the same time, they have assisted more than 1000 startups, scaleups, and spin-offs. Furthermore, they have hosted more than 800 speakers during their events. But most importantly, more than 250 corporations and investors were involved, providing an investment’s total of more than €100m.

Although this event is open to all interested parties in investing or learning more about startups, the heart of the event remains the Startup themselves and their creators. It is them who will be in the spotlight for three days and will be pitching and exhibiting their ideas, networking, participating in workshops, curated matchmaking, and securing funding.

To claim all the above benefits, interested Startups can participate in the exciting Startup Olé 2021 by registering online.

The REInA Initiative

REInA (Rural European Innovation Area) is an initiative for developing rural Europe through innovation powered by Startup Olé. For this purpose, REInA is a pan-European open platform looking for innovative initiatives supporting a new Rural European Innovation Area. REInA’s mission is to champion the European rural areas, their development, growth, business, and natural resources through fair, green, and sustainable management.

Particularly, REInA’s launching event occurs on April 6th-7th with the participation of important European innovation stakeholders. There will be European Commissioners, MEPs, Business leaders, academics and other interested parties among them. You can look at the event’s agenda, while you can also get your hands on a free ticket and participate in this open online event.

If you support REInA’s mission, you should read and sign its manifesto to bolster its demands for innovative European rural communities.

If you are a Startup that can bring innovation to rural areas, REInA platform needs you. Registrations are open until March 19th, and grab the opportunity to connect with investors and corporates.

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