And the “EU Project Management Specialists 2021” Award Goes to…

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED), proudly announces of receiving the “EU Project Management Specialists 2021” prize. It is an award nominated by CorporativeLiveWire INNOVATION & EXCELLENCE Awards. The nomination’s selection criteria were based on the key elements of: services; innovation; experience; sustainability, among others. In addition to the selection team, there was a valuable contribution of: businesses and corporate professionals; magazine contributors; and, subscribers, to nominate companies and individuals.

Acknowledgment of Our Efforts

iED is constituted by a team of professionals, whose effort reflects vast expertise; enthusiasm; creative thinking; and, drive, among others. In particular, this award is a proof that our Project Managers are efficient, and a strong component of our Institution.

In addition, our gratitude towards the professionals; businesses; and whoever voted for us, cannot be put into words. The acknowledgment of our effort, and contribution to entrepreneurship enhances our drive, for more creative and innovative moves towards this direction.

Project Management: A Component Towards Entrepreneurship

From conceiving an idea for a proposal call to the implementation of an EU-funded project, the procedure is rather demanding; and, varies from one program to another. Project Management possesses a significant part in this line of activity. Thus, highly knowledgeable Project Managers are needed to bring these projects into effect.

With a professional compass leading us towards entrepreneurship; the team of iED would like to acknowledge the efficiency of our Project Managers. The “EU Project Management Specialists 2021” award, proves that our Project Management section consists of proficient experts, who are more than capable to materialize any project.

It is a pleasure to receive the “EU Project Management Specialists 2021” award. Winning this prize, enhances our commitment to create; materialize; and, to involve to programmes with an impact to the wide spectrum of entrepreneurship and innovation.

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