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Migrants’ Rights and Sustainable Development

Migrants’ Rights and Sustainable Development

Ensuring migrants’ rights exercise is vital for the accomplishment of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for a global prosperous future, with sustainability.

The context of sustainable development goals is a set of social, environmental, and economic expectations, founded on human-centric grounds. It is a call to action aiming at reversing adversities, preservation, and future development.

The Role of Migrants’ Rights in Sustainable Development

“Leave No One Behind (LNOB)” is a constituent part of the 2030 Agenda fulfillment. As a matter of fact, it is a commitment to eliminate any kind of undermining causes against humanity, including facilitating well-tempered migration.

In fact, many goals aim at goals achievement related to the subjects of migration and mobility. In particular, the 10.7 target is about policies’ development and application for the facilitation of safe and regular migration processes.

In addition, for the purpose of SDGs monitoring progress, measuring migrants’ rights is essential. For example, the 17.18 target was aiming at achieving capacity-building for the purpose of high-quality data processes in national contexts, by 2020, due to the fact that data can be reliable monitoring sources for SDGs fulfillment.

The Importance of Global Partnership

The 17th Sustainable Development Goal corresponds to the significance of achieving global partnership and its contribution to the overall goal of sustainable development.

Apparently, cooperation is vital, in safeguarding migrants’ rights and achieving regulated migration.

About easyRights

easyRights is a H2020 project focusing on safeguarding human rights exercise and mechanisms simplification related to migration processes on international, national and local frames.

In particular, the main objectives of easyRights are:

  1. Improve language skills.
  2. Enhance effective communication.
  3. Information accessibility for everyone.
  4. Ensuring shared understanding.
  5. And, systems connection.

Visit the official website and discover more about the easyRights’ partnership and activities.

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