Presenting Gen-Z IO3: Focusing on Educators

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED) and its project partners present the Gen-Z IO3. This the third intellectual output, which was developed in the framework of the European “Gen-Z: Developing competences and opportunities for social media entrepreneurship”. The project’s strategic partnership consists of 8 organizations, coming from: Great Britain; Portugal; Spain; Greece; Poland; Cyprus; and, Ireland.

Summarizing Gen-Z: Fostering Youth Social Media Entrepreneurship

Gen-Z is a project materialized by Erasmus+ programme. This European project addresses young people, at the age of 21 years old and under; also, known as generation Z. This particular generation is familiar with technological stimuli, throughout their course of life. Hence, being familiar with social media and being proficient users of pertinent platforms was inevitable. It is a fact, that social media play a crucial role in business marketing strategies. The Gen-Z partnership has considered the power of social media in entrepreneurial activities, and encompassed them into the project’s design. The overall goal is to prepare future entrepreneurs with advanced social media skills, in order to enhance the performance of their business activities.

For more information, regarding Gen-Z, you can explore the official website of the project.

Gen-Z IO3: Creation of In-Service Training

The third intellectual output contains the development of blended in-service training, that is aiming to support the implementation of the training curriculum (IO2). In particular, it is a guide and a set of self-evaluation tools, which addresses VET trainers, teachers, and mentors. The design of the training was to train educators on deploying the full potential that the project’s platform provides. In addition, to ensure that the outcome fulfills high-quality standards, a pilot occurred to test it.

iED is content with the successful completion of Gen-Z IO3. Our institute observes the project’s implementation course; and, believes that Gen-Z has the potential to make a significant contribution to the planning of entrepreneurial marketing strategies.

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