GrowINg Research Matrix

The GrowING Research Matrix is a deliverable document created by the Erasmus+ GrowINg project partnership. It delivers a competence matrix resulting from the Career Guidance and Learning in SMEs report and the EntreComp that allows the partners to identify the framework’s contents.

Methodology Used

The GrowINg Research Matrix was based on a survey addressed to SMEs and VET/Adult education providers from Portugal, Greece, and Cyprus. Two survey templates were prepared based on the desk research – one for SMEs and another for VET/Adult education providers.

Based on the survey results, project partners implemented national focus groups and individual interviews with 30 representatives from companies, business associations, and VET/Adult education providers.

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED), as the partner responsible for the Research Matrix, analyzed the survey results and compared them with the EntreComp. Through this process, it came to identify the framework elements that partners will need to consider designing the GrowINg approach.

Moreover, the Research Matrix compared and aligned the research results with the EntreComp and selected and defined the contents and competencies from the EntreComp that the GrowINg Project will address. The matrix categorized the inputs of the research as Needs, Skills, Education & Training Provision.

A Few Words about GrowINg Project

GrowINg project promotes entrepreneurial mindsets and skills in SMEs’ employees while reinforcing innovation training in response to the 21st-century challenges. The whole project is based on the premise that the development of entrepreneurial competencies in human capital leads to a competitive advantage.

Finally, the project creates, tests, and mainstreams innovative solutions for lifelong learning of adults at the workplace.

For more information on GrowINg project, see the official website.

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Vasilis Bouronikos
Content & Communication Manager