Generation Equality: A Just Initiative

Generation equality, and its implementation, seems to be more topical than ever. Unfortunately, events of injustice occur on an everyday basis, reflecting inequality, in all levels of society. In 2015, all United Nations Member States made a serious commitment, by developing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). A gesture towards the elimination of inequality; hence, an attempt to develop an inclusive future for everyone. One of the SDGs is to achieve gender equality and to empower all women and girls.

Generation Equality or should we say Realizing Women’s Rights; a Crude Definition

In a nutshell, a definition would be the following: it is about a global tendency for equality, regarding gender issues. It is a movement about solidarity and acknowledgment of equal rights among the spectrum of sexes; particularly, regarding women’s rights at all ages. It promotes women’s empowerment and feminism. The aim of this tendency is an equitable societal, economical, and political framework.

The Importance of an Equitable Framework

Having a balanced society, in terms of equal rights, is about reaching the upper limit of an individual’s potentiality, no matter any disabilities or walk of life e.t.c. By potentiality, we refer to the person’s right of making life choices, and of deploying talents, without any of the aforementioned obstacles.

Apparently, the repetition of unjust incidents, reflects the opposite of self-explication, regarding injustice. However, a balanced financial, political and societal landscape would function as a fertile ground for individuals to express themselves and flourish. Hence, individuals would lead the lives they choose to, without being excluded or unappreciated; no matter the sex an individual position oneself. In a framework, where the aforementioned parameters apply, the result is a cohesive society, in all of its dimensions.

Our Effort

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (IED) supports the initiative, which aims at a future with equal opportunities, for all the spectrum of genders. As a state-of-the-art international organization, we are involved in many European projects, that could function as potential tools; bridging the gaps between injustice and generation equality.

In addition, a number of training courses; educational materials; and, platforms of pertinent content are being developed, as a result of projects’ implementation. Our aim is to boost women’s autonomy; enhance access to all sectors, in equal conditions; and, enhance admission to under-represented occupations.

If you would like to be part of our effort in any way, do not hesitate to drop us a line. We would be more than happy to reply.

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Christina Tziouvara
Project Communication Manager

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