Review of the GEM Training Activity

The online GEM training activity has concluded successfully. The activities lasted for six days, between the dates of August 25th to August 31st, 2021. The event occurred as part of the European project “GEM – Gamification Methods for Educational Management”.

GEM: Employing Gamification Techniques for Educational Purposes

The project materialization occurs under the EU programme of Erasmus+. GEM aims to contribute to non-formal education, by introducing youth workers to gamification techniques. In particular, the project’s design aims to develop methods and instruments through gamification. Hence, GEM addresses youth workers, to reinforce their work results with young people, between the age of 18 – 23. The strategic partnership comprises of 5 organizations from Romania; Latvia; Poland; Greece; and Bulgaria.

Learn more about GEM and its progress, at the project’s official website.

GEM Training Activity: Conclusions

The event was completed virtually, with the input of more than 25 youth workers and volunteers. The purpose of this training was to enhance participants’ knowledge on matters related to gamification, education, and the youth sector. The completion of GEM activities resulted in the following outcomes:

  • The youth workers acquired competences pertinent gamification.
  • Acquisition of good command of the instruments-IOs, developed within the frame of GEM.
  • Youth workers discovered new methods of learning, which they can promote and apply to their professional practice.
  • Finally, organizations, with participation in the project, tested the impact of GEM instruments in training for young people.

Through our multi-year expertise in education, iED acknowledges the significance of employing creative means in this field; hence, it is certain that GEM can contribute to the learning processes. Moreover, our institute participates in many European initiatives aiming to serve educational needs.

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