Service branding vs product branding

Every company, every enterprise, every startup and in general every kind of organization, has certain needs that have to be covered in order to function properly. Each division needs to work perfectly. The employees need to be able to communicate and cooperate with each other. The Advertising Process needs to keep up with every little change and evolve. But without proper branding, things are not going to work as they should.

The importance of branding

Branding is fundamental for every company, no matter what its field might be. It could be products or services. Branding is equally important and it needs to run smoothly, at all costs.

Although branding, in general, has a common basis when starting, there are differences when it comes to branding for products and branding for services. As you can understand we are talking about two completely different things. So, the branding process or the idea behind it cannot stay the same.

Branding for products can be a bit simpler than branding for services. It is a lot easier to brand something that has a physical form and an immediate ‘’result’’. If you purchase a pair of shoes, for example, and they are not what you were looking for in terms of quality, you will be able to see that almost immediately. You will wear them and see that they do not fit your needs and preferences. Therefore, product branding might be lot more demanding but it is easier because it focuses on specific aspects that the buyers will notice before they make the purchase.

One major difference that can change the ‘’game’’

Services, on the other hand, are different. There are certain services that have immediate results and others that take a bit longer to show their outcomes. These services need, what some people call, long-term branding. Basically, they need a strategy that will convince the customer/client to trust the services even if they are not able to see the results straight away.

The major difference between the two cases is the focus point. Branding for products usually focuses on visual stimuli for the products and the company. Perhaps some ‘’catchy tunes’’ as well. Giving a visual presentation of a service however is not easy. So branding for services focus more on the feeling of trust that the branding process aims to create in the minds of the focus target group.

If you are selling products, focus on using visual and audio stimuli to attract new customers. If, on the other hand, you are ‘’selling’’ services, build a branding strategy that will focus on creating a trust relationship between you and your target group. Keep one thing in mind however. Branding is not just about the products or the services. It is about the profile of the entire company. Your reputation. You want people to recognize you and connect you with your field of action. And that is what good branding can do for you and your business.

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