Social Enterprises and their Impact on the Society

To find the impact of a social enterprise on the society, we must first understand what a social enterprise is. The most common way to explain it would be,“a business that can succeed while pursuing to help others”. Basically, when a business is making a profit and at the same time, is doing something good for the community, we are talking about a social enterprise.

That alone is enough to help someone understand the general concept behind a social enterprise. But without an example in mind, most people are still not able to completely comprehend the way a social enterprise works.So let us look at some social entrepreneurship examples that will assist in understanding why social entrepreneurship is important for the society nowadays.

  • Social supermarkets are a great example of a social enterprise. A place where food is sold to low-income communities at a discount price. That food is either donated by food suppliers or purchased very cheaply. Something like that can be very helpful for the local society.
  • Social Crowdfunding is another very interesting and very modern type of social enterprise. Using the internet people can find everything. Why not use it to get funding for their ideas? There are always people willing to help others make their dreams come true. Building a social crowdfunding platform is a truly helpful way to make some profit and give people a chance to help each other.
  • Micro-Lending. Another great idea for a social enterprise. Creating a platform that allows people to lend money to the entrepreneur that would not, otherwise, get the funding they need. Starting a business is difficult without an original capital. Especially in third world countries.

These three are strong examples of social enterprises. By reading them carefully you will see that the two of them have a common basis. The internet. Social enterprises can be easily promoted through the internet. Most of those enterprises are can only be found online.

Do you want to become a social entrepreneur? Do you want to give back to the world and make some profit as well? Then you need to learn everything you can about the principles of social entrepreneurship. Being a social entrepreneur can be very satisfying. It will be your own way of trying to change the world. And no one can put a price on that.

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