12 Greek startups seek to be recognized in the “Eurovision for startups”

The Startup Europe Awards are an innovation initiative promoted by the European Commission to support and serve as a communication tool for society, encourage the collaboration between the public and businesses and of course, promote innovative initiatives. Promoting the creation of alliances will enable and support programmes for entrepreneurs in every region with local and international partners.

The 12 Greek finalists

Every year startups from more than 16 different countries compete for the chance to win the award and are the ones to show their work and gain the recognition they deserve. This year 12 greek finalists startups  competed for one of the European prizes by category are: Agrologies (Agritech), Loceye (Creative), IFAAacademy (Edtech), IMEQ Center (eHealth), The Infashion App (Fashion), Kard (Fintech), Sustainable Food Movement in Greece (Gastronomy), Billagi (Green), Openichnos (IoT), Cyclefi (Smart Cities), PatientWho (Social) and Solumbro (Tourism).

These finalists are certainly the best of the best when it comes to the startups in Greece. People with a great vision, passion for their work and a thirst to do what is necessary to be done in order to manage and show their work. Whether one of these startups ends up being the winner or not, the minds behind the business will definitely gain a lot of experience and of course a lot of exposure as well as the opportunity to create a professional network that will work in their favor.

The IED support the Greek Startups

The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, as a strong stakeholder of the Startup Europe Awards and the only involved organization from Greece, is behind these startups and supports the 100%. The IED is ready and willing to promote entrepreneurship by all means necessary. These awards are a great opportunity for young men and women out there to bring their ideas to life and when it comes to the Greek startuppers, the IED is here to help promote their work every way possible.

If you are interested in learning how you can submit your startup and have a chance to win a place in the competition simply visit the Startup Europe Awards website or the website of the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development and get all the latest info on this amazing opportunity. The IED will always be able to provide you with all the data you need in order to bring your idea to the Startup Europe Awards and make it a dream come true!

Katerina Pouspourika
SEO Expert / Copywriter

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