Success Stories of Employability Skills in Youth Employment

Within the framework of the European project «WORTH: Youth Employment at Work Life Through Long-Term Employability Skills» a research was conducted concerning the compilation of success stories for the promotion of the use of employability skills in youth employment, which includes success stories from the partner countries which are Greece (GR), Italy (IT), Spain (ES), Turkey (TR) and Bulgaria (BG).

The purpose of the research is the collection of a set of good practices and case studies regarding the use of long-term employability skills at national and European level. The overall aim of the output was the development of a guide that includes case studies and good practices.

Each partner country conducted 4 national good practices that promote the development of these skills as a crucial factor in the development and improvement of long-term employability skills. The final goal is to facilitate the entrance and maintenance of the youth in the labor market through those competencies.

Apart from this Guide, partners created also a video, where successful entrepreneurs are mentioning how they achieved their goals and how these skills affect their career.

The overall aim is to motivate young people and to inform them about the meaning of these skills in order to help them with the development of their employability skills.

The results of this guide and the video are online available and free to everyone on the website of the project. You can find them in this link:

Maria Dalakoura
Project Manager

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