The concept of serious gaming in education

The term “edutainment” as it introduced the last years, seems to refer to entertainment games that have the ability to educate their players. Such games are often mentioned as “serious games” or “educational games”. Serious gaming as well as educational gaming focus on developing the skills and knowledge of their players so they serve educational purposes beyond just entertainment as for example education, training, advertising, or supporting social change (Winn, 2008). The basis of the game pedagogy (= philosophy, style, and approach to promoting learning in educational contexts through the use of video games, non-digital games, the embodied learning principles and techniques of games, and gamification), it’s cognitive impacts and diversity.

According to Julian Alvarez (2007), the serious game is a, “computer application, which aims to combine aspects of both serious as, but not limited to, teaching, learning, communication, or further information with entertainment from the spring game. Such an association has intended to depart from mere entertainment”.

For this reason, serious games are not only designed for schools or classic knowledge as can somebody easily assume. They are now a major issue for human resources departments around the world. They include those individuals who require practical experience to learn, at the same time as they stimulate the more cognitively oriented students/employees to think in different ways.

Furthermore, more and more University programmes, specialized in education and the innovation in the teaching procedures, have started including courses about serious game creation or exploitation in the learning procedure by introducing students to important social issues, like pollution, refugees, bullying and more.

In this context, the project “Triple-Edge: entrepreneurship, employability and enterprising in a digital and gaming environment”, is looking to enhance the digital skills of people who are in one way or another involved in the world of business and enterprise, as well as their trainers, as they are the ones who first instill these skills and also help employers in identifying the digital skills that are pertinent in their sector. This will be made possible through the development of serious gaming, an innovative and fresh educational tool.

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