The Course of LIVERUR Initiative and RAIN Platform Outcome

The delivery of the RAIN platform signals the successful finalization of the LIVERUR initiative. It was a synergy with the overall aim to strengthen rural entrepreneurship, that concluded after 3 years of extensive work. The initiative’s complete title is “LIVERUR: Living Lab research concept in Rural Areas”.

Overview of the LIVERUR Initiative

For this initiative, 24 organizations from 12 countries teamed up to reinforce entrepreneurial activities in the rural areas. In particular, the idea of LIVERUR revolved around the identification of innovative business models that can be implemented in rural contexts. Furthermore, the initiative’s primary focus was on circular economy and the incorporation of the Living Lab approach. This initiative materialized with the support of H2020 programme.

Find out more about LIVERUR, by visiting the initiative’s official website.

RAIN Platform: An Impactful Digital Spot on Rural Entrepreneurial Matters

The outcome of the LIVERUR initiative is RAIN, a digital platform designed to become a practical tool with entrepreneurial potentials. In particular, the point of RAIN is to function as an innovation ecosystem community for entrepreneurs, of all stages, and policymakers. In addition, RAIN is designed to promote solutions pertinent to the implementation of the circular economy.

The creation of RAIN serves the purpose of facilitating innovation, cooperation, and knowledge sharing, in rural contexts. In fact, this digital spot was designed according to the following parameters:

  • The gender dimension.
  • Business expansion strategies for product internationalization; technological advancements for business reinforcement. Provision of supportive business resources.
  • Resources that correspond to sustainable and greener approaches.
  • Finally, this platform provides accessibility to massive online open courses (MOOCs).

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development encourages you to browse the RAIN platform and explore the entrepreneurial tools that can reinforce rural businesses.

We would like to highlight that it was a partnership of significant momentum, that operated under the efficient coordination of Catholic University San Antonio of Murcia (UCAM), with high-quality results.

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