How to Write Items Descriptions to Develop the Effective Entrepreneurship

Being an entrepreneur is no mean feat, especially when it seems like your sales numbers keep dropping as each day goes by. Although there are many factors that could be affecting your sales, here’s an angle you probably haven’t thought of yet: product descriptions

According to a study conducted by Nielsen Norman Group, up to 20% of unsuccessful purchases are caused by a lack of comprehensive product information. What this means is that product descriptions can either make or break your sales charts. 

But here’s where the problem lies: although product descriptions are effective sales drivers, they aren’t quite easy to write. So how do you create product descriptions that sell and make you a successful entrepreneur? Let’s find out. 

Focus on your ideal buyers 

Identifying your ideal target audience is the first step to creating a great product copy. Without finding out who your audience is, it’s impossible to create a copy that will resonate deeply with them. For instance, if you’re trying to sell a vest to teenagers, you’ll use different phrases than if you were selling it to professors or middle-aged women. The more specific your buyer persona is, the higher your chances of creating targeted product descriptions are. 

To help identify your ideal buyers, you could focus on certain demographics like their age, location, gender, interests, and so on. For instance, let’s say you’ve just set up a skateboard business and you’re trying to create solid descriptions for your products. Which people commonly use skateboards? Teenage boys and girls? College students? Middle-aged people? Toddlers?

These demographics will give you a better indication of the best phrases that will achieve the most effect. 

Load your copy with benefits

When it comes to making purchase decisions, benefits are often the tipping scale for most customers. What benefits does your product offer? How will it impact their lives? Your product description should be able to convince your reader that they’ll benefit from buying it and have no regrets. 

Let’s take a look at this example from Patagonia:

With this product description, potential buyers are assured that they’ll get a very sturdy product that can manage their load and won’t strain regardless of the stress it’s put through. They’re not just getting a climbing pack, they’re getting a pack made from the “burliest” and most durable fabrics. 

Adjectives are your best friend

Adjectives may seem an ordinary method of describing products, but they’re actually very powerful and can improve the persuasiveness of your descriptions. Consider these two sentences:

  1. “The silk and cashmere dress every woman needs. ” 
  2. “A sensational dress made from a fusion of sheer silk and the softest of cashmeres. The perfect addition to your wardrobe.” 

Which of these product descriptions would make you want to buy the dress? Most likely the second one. Both sentences bear the same message but the use of persuasive adjectives makes the second one more compelling than the first. 

Reflect your brand’s tone of voice

It’s not enough to simply create a product description; your copy also has to reflect your brand’s tone and maintain some level of consistency. For instance, if your brand’s tone is strictly formal and professional, you shouldn’t throw contemporary slang words like “fantabulous” or “ginormous”. In the same vein, if your brand’s tone is casual, avoid creating a stiff, formal copy. 

Whatever your brand’s tone is, your product description should reflect it. This way, you can ensure consistency and your copy won’t seem out of place. 

Use images 

Most people say that pictures tell a thousand words, and when it comes to product descriptions, this saying holds water. Product images can do so much more than your copy. Wondering how? Well, it’s simple. Regardless of how creative or witty your copy is, most visitors won’t buy unless they can see a visual representation of the product in question. 

As such, when creating product descriptions, throw in a few clear images as well. If it’s a physical product, ensure that you upload pictures of the front and side view. This will help customers know what to expect and possibly convince them to buy if they like what they see.

Pro Tip: If possible, you could go the extra mile by including videos of the product as well. Videos are more informative and descriptive and will certainly be a bonus for you. 

Final Thoughts 

If you’re trying to become a successful entrepreneur, persuasive product descriptions are your ticket to increased sales and business success. Place your target audience at the forefront when creating your copy and harness the power of adjectives. 

Finally, don’t forget to throw in clear pictures (and videos) as well. This approach will greatly boost your chances of persuading and convincing your site visitors. 

Good luck! 

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