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The Delivery of Best Practices for Adult Education E-Book

The Delivery of Best Practices for Adult Education E-Book

The purpose of adult education is to equip adults with skills, competences, and knowledge, to adapt to the emerging reality of Europe. For example, despite the benefits of digitalization, this transition is also a challenging one.

In this framework, the European project of Upgrade E-adults aims to empower educators’ work on digital skills. To this end, the consortium produced an e-book as a foundation of best practices for educators to employ from 7 different partners’ countries, Italy, Spain, Greece, Romania, Czech Republic, Latvia, and Sweden.

The best practices for adult education e-book

Upgrade E-Adults is an Erasmus+ project that centers on cooperation for innovation and good practices’ exchange in the EU. In particular, the initiative focuses on the trainers and digital skills pertinent to social networks. The aim is the collection of good practices and developing a training structure that addresses educators and trainers.

Specifically, the project is addressed to:

  • Various professionals in the field of adult education.
  • Other entities related to adult education.

Within this context, the consortium produced the first intellectual output, which is a collection of the best practices for adult education that will act as a base for the training of trainers. The e-book addresses educators and trainers and it is about ICT and digital skills in a sustainable matter.

The impact

In essence, the output of best practices for adult education, along with the overall Upgrade E-adults design is to tackle incidents of adults’ exclusion. In particular, adult education can have an impact on individuals, into being flexible at work and have a better quality life.

Discover more about Upgrade E-Adults project and download the e-book from its official website.

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