What are the Benefits of a Career Service Map?

Transiting to a new career path or choosing one that is applicable in the fast-changing labor market is an important decision. Thus, seeking career guidance from practitioners with profound knowledge of the market’s demands can support the design of one’s career road map.

A career service map that gathers accredited career guidance services, practitioners, and other pertinent bodies can be a useful source, to explore potential employment options.

Deploying the provided services

Setting a strategy for your future is important and career guidance bodies can really facilitate the process. Such entities can offer the following provisions:

  • Choosing a career that matches one’s interests and, at the same, time a career pursuit that is applicable to the labor market.
  • The choice of the right studies that are in line with one’s goals.
  • To leave a less fulfilling profession and transit to a new career path. And, hence, exploring and expanding personal skillset, to maintain one’s competitiveness.
  • To land a position through services provision on basic skills of interview and CV writing.

The use of a career service map

A map that operates as an online registry of accredited entities and practitioners, can be a useful and approachable tool for those who are examining their options. In such a registry, content categories may be according to the location, the type of services provided etc. Hence, users will have the opportunity to browse through the content of registered active services and discover pertinent bodies responsive to their needs.

In this context, a career service map is a deliverable produced under the Erasmus+ project of Career Skills. It is an initiative aiming to support professionals regardless of their age, to maintain their position in the labor market; keep up with emerging demands, and avoid automation threats. More than 420 career guidance providers across Europe have already registered on the map.

Discover the map output and learn more about the project on the official website of Career Skills.

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