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The Erasmus Experience, Online digital Tools and the Implications of the Pandemic Today

The Erasmus Experience, Online digital Tools and the Implications of the Pandemic Today

The project HOSTVET- “Improvement Of The Management of Local Hosting Vet Organisations In Touristic Sector” is a project that focuses on the touristic sector. The partnership has created a blog, “NEWS FROM EUROPE”, where they share information about the project’s activities and other helpful information. ProAndi partners shared an article regarding two virtual sessions held on 15 October 2020, with the theme “Talking about my ERASMUS experience”. MAD FOR EUROPE made an overview of the current situation in the touristic sector and what lies ahead in the future. iED provided an interview with a successful businessman and presented the implications of the pandemic in his business. TIA Formazione shared an interactive digital e-portfolio tool to learn and improve skills, which is very useful these days as most learning experiences are via digital tools.

The Erasmus Experiences

Abstract from TIA Formazione, Italy 

“This innovative method of presentation is used in different areas. In education, didactics and lifelong learning, the e-portfolio constitutes a perfect tool to collect, register, and display students’ achievements. The electronic, easy-accessible form facilitates the evaluation for teachers, who have a quick insight into the complete overview of a student’s progress. The use of digital tools facilitates communication between teachers and learners and the feedback given. Moreover, the process of portfolio’s creation brings numerous benefits to learners. It helps them to develop critical thinking, to self-evaluate their skills and to improve the knowledge of digital tools.”

Abstract from iED, Greece 

“My restaurant was brand new. We worked on it for a year, and we were supposed to open in May when tourist season begins here in Greece. But due to the situation, we had to open our business at the end of June and close at the end of September. Here in Lefkada, because it is a big island with a large population during the winter, the tourist season usually ends at the beginning of November. Therefore, we only worked for 3 months.”

Abstract from Mad for Europe, Spain

“To keep this sector active, gastronomy must also be promoted in all countries, and thanks to it, many businesses will be able to remain open. We must renew ourselves, and this is being done thanks to the use of technology, betting on a different value and promoting other techniques such as virtual tours for foreigners, so that they can continue to get to know tourism in Spain, but in a different way.”

Abstract from ProAndi, Portugal

“With these sessions, Proandi intended to promote the Erasmus+ program and the mobility opportunities this program offers to the entire training community. It is also intended to turn this activity interactive and dynamic among all participants, arousing the desire for other colleagues and staff to feel motivated to participate in the next mobilities organised by Proandi and to experience the wonderful experience of Erasmus around Europe.”

To get informed about the project’s progress and activities and review the original articles, you can visit us here.

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