The Overview of the Youth Social Work Study Visits

Several youth social work study visits occurred for the SEYW initiative’s purposes. The work study visits occurred in the 3 countries of Bulgaria, Italy, and Luxemburg. These visits were part of the European initiative “SEYW: The added value of Social Entrepreneurship in Youth Work” and its goal materialization.

SEYW: In a Nutshell

This Erasmus+ initiative aims to bridge social entrepreneurship and youth work. In fact, the SEYW partnership examined social entrepreneurship, in a manner that suits the youth sector. Furthermore, they delivered pertinent business models that correspond to existent young social entrepreneurs.

Learn more, at the SEYW official webpage and social media.

The Youth Social Work Study Visits

The purpose of these work study visits was to probe social enterprises, through actual business paradigms of young social entrepreneurs. Moreover, the representatives were mainly social entrepreneurs. They were chosen to enrich their knowledge and experience. In addition, they had the opportunity to exchange ideas and good practices applied in different country frameworks. 

The scheduled visits were, as follows:

  • 3rd Study Visit: Finally, the series of these visits concluded in Luxemburg, between the dates of October 4 and 10. The main goal was to work on the outcomes of the six short-term joint staff training events. In addition, the aim was to develop new ideas and to collect the work done. In particular, the SEYW cohort collaborated on best practices on social entrepreneurship models discovered. Furthermore, they adapted them to the context of youth work and in different country frames. Finally, they worked on the toolkit already developed. The social enterprises probed were Facilitec, Kaf Lokal, Nyuko, Caritas Luxemburg, and Oyni.

iED is content with the outcomes of this study visits series. In fact, the overall experience of youth social work study visits was enriching for the initiative’s purposes.

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