The SEYW Event on the Value of Youth Social Work

The SEYW online event on the value of youth social work, successfully completed on October 21st. The event’s title was “Social Entrepreneurship: An Opportunity for a Career that Cares for Society”; and it occurred in the framework of the European project “SEYW: The added value of Social Entrepreneurship in Youth Work”.

SEYW: Promoting the Value of Youth Social Work

The SEYW strategic partnership’s mission is to bridge social entrepreneurship and youth sector, through the delivery of actual paradigms of young social enterprises. It is an initiative materialized with the contribution of the Erasmus+ programme. The SEYW cohort occurred the cooperation of 6 organizations, from Italy; Estonia; Bulgaria; Greece; France; and Luxemburg.

For more information on SEYW, you can visit the official webpage.

The Content of the SEYW Event

The purpose of this event was to share the acquired knowledge and experience with stakeholders, especially young people. The event participation reached the 45 people, of all ages. The participants had the opportunity to explore the social entrepreneurship concept; and some of them for the first time.

A fruitful discussion followed with many questions and ideas, regarding tangible ways of launching a social enterprise with sustainability. The event completed with the participants’ request for more pertinent initiatives on this subject. As social entrepreneurship is a field less explored in Greece and other European countries.

Our Institute considers the event on value of social youth work a productive encounter. In addition, the SEYW initiative reaches the end of its course and the team of iED is content with the elevated level of quality results.

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