The YOU A.C.E.! Project

If there is one major problem that the European Union has to face on a daily basis, that would be unemployment. Over the past few years, it has reaches dramatic levels. Greece is one of the most affected countries, as it holds the highest unemployment levels between all the European countries, followed by Italy. Young people that are not employed or in education around the ages of 20-34 reach a stunning 33% in Calabria, a 32,4% in Greece and a 31,6% in Italy and are suffering due to the very low number of opportunities given to them.

The YOU A.C.E! project aims at contributing to give our target group a new hope. By providing your people with new tools and chances to improve their current personal as well as social conditions as well as those of the community. The project wants to foster knowledge, basic as well as transversal skills and competencies and of course attitudes towards the following value, through the use of nonformal educational methodologies.

These methodologies are:

  • Social Entrepreneurship and sense of initiative in the social field
  • Entrepreneurship and (self-) employability and new business creation
  • Active citizenship, social participation, and inclusion

The objectives of the project will be achieved through the creation and implementation of very important outputs and blended mobility. In particular:

  • The youth entrepreneurship e-learning platform ‘’E.Y.E LEARN’’, which will be an open educational resource composed of different tools, including a video library.
  • A significant study and analysis of the social and educational profile, learning style, needs and attitudes of target young people.
  • A new and innovative curriculum and training course, to be tested also through international training to be held in Italy.

This innovative project will help lower the unemployment levels on suffering European countries. The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development as an expert on the field of entrepreneurship will be able to help young people, and sooth them into entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship, the one field that can provide opportunities for everyone!

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Maria Dalakoura
Senior Project Manager