Tourism in 2020 and Covid-19

The project HOSTVET- “IMPROVEMENT OF THE MANAGEMENT OF LOCAL HOSTING VET ORGANISATIONS IN TOURISTIC SECTOR” is a project that focuses on the touristic sector, a field that will face great challenges in the upcoming period. The partnership has created a blog “NEWS FROM EUROPE” where they share information about the activities of the project. At the moment all partners shared the situation that they are dealing with in their countries. You can find some abstracts from the articles published on the blog below.

“The month of March 2020 was characterized by the #Covid19 pandemic in Italy which prevented us from going out, meeting, comparing, sharing project experiences, planning our periodic meetings. Europe has suffered and is still suffering from a collective shock from which it will struggle to recover. Our projects have stopped, so also Hostvet for which we are managing to complete the basic activities. The countries involved in this project, Italy, Spain, and Portugal, are suffering a great deal of damage from such a dramatic phase, including Greece and Belgium, although not yet in an acute way.”

Abstract from TIA Formazione-Italy

“This year, everyone is living in very different conditions than usual due to COVID-19. It is a pandemic that has spread very quickly in many countries, especially in Europe, such as Italy, Spain, Germany, France… More and more countries are affected by the coronavirus and this is influencing tourism quite a lot, since citizens have to stay at home, forcing them to cancel all trips, both tourist and business. Tourism has been stuck all over the world.”

Abstract from MAD for Europe-Spain

“In a country where tourism is one of the main bases of the economy and with the approaching Easter holiday period where a large influx of foreign and Portuguese tourists would be expected to the main tourist spots in Portugal, what will happen to tourism in Portugal? How long will it take before we start to return to normal? These are some of the questions that we all try to get answered but at the moment it seems that we want all the answers to all our doubts and fears, but all we can do is: wait.”

Abstract from Proandi-Portugal

“Due to the COVID 19 virus, almost all of the Brussels hotels had to close, a first for the tourism sector. However, to provide accommodation for crew members and their passengers, a few hotels around Zaventem Airport will remain open, with an occupancy rate of almost 98%. The restaurants in these hotels remain closed, and a take-away counter has been placed at the reception. The staff members had to adapt their work to the new distance and service measures.”

Abstract from Belerasm-Belgium

“Greece has enjoyed a reputation as one of the prime tourism destinations in the world. Greece continues to be a preferred tourism destination, but no statistics can predict how exactly this situation will be affected due to COVID-19, a pandemic that has affected the whole planet. The 85% of the tourism movement takes place in May-October while the full months are July, August, and September which demonstrates intensively the seasonal characteristic of tourism in Greece.”

Abstract from IED-Greece

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