Social Media training Seminar about Safe use

The role of social media and the way they are being used, are vital nowadays, not only for our personal use but for our professional perspective, too. That’s why, Institute of Entrepreneurship Development with the cooperation of five European partners (from Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and Turkey –which was the organizer member-), had the kick off meeting for the implementation of the European Erasmus+ project ”Safe Social Media – Use Safe Of Social Media For Adults”.

The first meeting, took place in Huelva of Spain in the region of El Rompido, from 30th of January until 1st of February and Institute of Entrepreneurship Development was there with five participants from Greece. Specifically, Argyri Anna, Kaltsatos Giannis, Bampagenes Ilias, Chatzaki Antonia-Georgia and Derlos Dimitris joined the seminar, in order to present three Greek topics about “Informed and Safe Use of Social Media Skills to Adults”, as the other partners did, for their country’s situation on this issue. So, the topics were the following:

  1. Presentation of the literature on the safe use of social media.
  2. Information on the problems faced by users of social media in Greece and solve these problems.
  • Information on actions that have made a conscious and safe use of social media in Greece.

All the presentations’ results will be used for the pilot website platform, which will be built after the next meetings in Italy, Poland, Greece, Portugal and finally in Turkey. The content of that platform will be related to the tasks that each partner will complete in every meeting. When the platform is ready, there will be an evaluation of it and it will be finally available for all the people online.

The second meeting of this training program will take place in Italy, with the participation of the rest volunteers, on 8th-12th of May 2017. If you want to participate in the design and implementation of the program you can contact us via e-mail at (Information : Ms. Bachousi Julie).

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