Integration of migrant women in the receiving society within Urban Agriculture Labs

Around 25 million persons born in a third country are currently living in EU, representing 5% of its total population. Their successful integration into host society is the key to maximising the opportunities of legal migration and making the most of the contributions that immigration can make to EU development.

Migrant women often suffer from lower integration rates than migrant men, as they face additional discriminations and challenges in their access to education and to the labour market in the receiving country.

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development within the framework of the (AMIF) European  project “Urbagri4women”, aims at supporting the exchange of good practices, transferring and implementing innovative practices and joint initiatives that foster the integration of migrant women, including asylum seekers and beneficiaries of international protection, in the receiving society within Urban Agriculture Labs, through educational and recreational activities, vocational training, help to access to the labour market, anti-discrimination and cultural initiatives that promote intercultural dialogue and a culture of welcoming communities, with the involvement of public administrations, social partners, migrant organisations and other relevant stakeholders.

During the 1st transnational meeting that took place in Perugia of Italy, on the 1-4 of March, project’s partners from Italy, Greece, Austria, France, Cyprus, Portugal and United Kingdom analyzed the main  activities of the project that will be the Dissemination and knowledge transfer, Transnational knowledge sharing and capacity building of receiving communities fostering the integration of migrant women in the urban agriculture , Urban Agriculture Labs fostering the integration of migrant women by urban regeneration and social recovery initiatives, Start-up immigrant integration support programmes for European Municipalities.

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